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InSoul came about by bringing together people who care. It was born out of a strong belief that the industry can do better, that visual effects are still art and long hours of moving pixels can bring joy. We are here to guide our clients through the world of VFX from an idea to a premiere while being a safe place for artists to work.


  • Kseniia Ivanova IMDb
  • Kseniia Ivanova LinkedIn

Founder. VFX Supervisor.


Started as a roto artist in 2012 and went all the way to VFX Supervisor. Known for being a great human being and also for work on Game of Thrones, Empire V, Cats, Love and Monsters, Tomb Raider, Mary Magdalene, John Wick 2 and more.


  • Marina Burova IMDb
  • Marina Burova LinkedIn

Co-pilot. VFX Producer.

Skilled financial analyst with a technical background

who deeply believes VFX can go as smooth as rocketry.

Will not miss a single detail

and always here to hear you out.